Accessing Global Opportunities as a Creative Talent

This is one of the best ways to build capacity, become recognized in your craft and build a sustainable stream of income.

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What Global Opportunities can do for You

Get you exposed to Investment Opportunities

Learn Global Best Practices

Learn a New Culture

Make you have a Greater Impact on a Global Stage

Hi My name is Esta.


In March 2020 right in the Pandemic I received some news!
I was amongst the top 3 applicants that made it into OPEX CCP a highly valued International fitness coaching education and certification program in Scottsdale Arizona on a scholarship worth $4600. I also got accepted into Savvy Fellowship and Arts in Medicine Fellowship, my business idea got accepted into LIFT fellowship, UK-Nigeria Tech Hub/Future Females Business School the same year.

Wait! That’s not all! I was also amongst the 54 applicants out of 2000 who got accepted into Founders Institute in January 2021.

But you should know that I also applied for about 20 opportunities in 2019 and all were unsuccessful.

You should read this e-book as it can unlock a whole journey for your own opportunity spree.

Learn how I was able to navigate this challenge and build your own dream because you deserve it and you totally rock at what you do!

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