Global Recognition for African Creative Talents

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The e-book serves as a guide to every emerging creative talent and creative professional, equipping them with the basic knowledge about the amount of opportunities available to them and how they can access it. The e-book shares best global practices, a check list on the important things every creative talent needs to know on how to access global opportunities and what international organizations are looking for in applicants.

1 review for Global Recognition for African Creative Talents

  1. Alex Oyebade

    This book by Esta is nothing short of what the subtitle says; an absolute guide to global opportunities for emerging creatives and creative professionals!

    It clearly elucidates the things to put in place, the steps to take, and where to look. It is the ultimate guide to accessing global opportunities!

    I recommend it to every creative who desires to be better at what they do. Even if you don’t want to Go Global, this book provide pointers on how to command more from your craft.

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